How I afford new books on a budget!

I am sure one of the biggest problems we bookworms face is buying the hundreds of new books that we want. I also know that a lot of us are students and money isn’t something we have lying around to spend on books- it’s sad, isn’t it! Now I’m the first to admit that I’m frugal and hate spending money in general, but books are my number one weakness and I aspire to have my own little library one day. So, over the past few years, I’ve learned a few helpful tricks to buy new books, because no matter how hard you try, a book buying ban will never stick so you may as well be smart about your spending!


In the past, I absolutely hated the idea of second-hand books, but that was before adulthood came along a kicked my pretentious little ass. Now I’ve learned to appreciate it because depending on where you buy them, they are dirt cheap and can be in near perfect condition!

I know a lot of Australian towns have charity stores, I’m certain there is a lot in the UK and US, and I now buy most of my books from there. Not only do the books cost a few dollars, no more than $6, but the money you spend on your little addiction is going back to the community- really, it’s a win-win situation. I have found such a wide range of novels at these stores ranging from erotica set in an Italian mansion owned a pasta chef to the entire box set of Harry Potter books: I guarantee you will find something you will enjoy. If you don’t, wait a week and visit again- that’s the beauty of these stores, their products are in a continuous cycle.

If you don’t have charity stores near you, I know for a fact that a lot of countries have ‘bargain book’ chains. I think it’s safe to say I would feel 100% less guilty if I bought all my books for a fraction of the recommended retail price! This way you get new books and you don’t have the enormous guilt (or cloud of debt) hanging above your head.


From my past experience, all the popular discount stores are based in the US or Canada so the only way I’d be able to afford shipping to Australia is if I sell an organ! Well, I’m here to tell you about two magnificent online stores that are so cheap, I can buy a second-hand hardback for less than a brand-new paperback!

Thrift Books:

If you’ve been here for a while you’d know that I absolutely adore this company, in fact, I love them so much, I have an entire review that you can check out here!

This is a second-hand retailer, which might raise some red flags, but trust me when I say they have some hidden gold among the piles of books on offer. In the past, I have purchased a hardback novel for $12 that was in near new condition, and the crazy thing is, that price included shipping from Texas to South Australia! Lucky for you Americans, you get free domestics shipping for orders over $10, which can easily be achieved.


This website is my new one and only! They have such a wide range of second-hand and brand-new novels that I have literally spent hours upon hours just browsing the site and adding them to my Wishlist. My most recent purchase was a brand-new hardback copy of The Shadowhunter Codex, which was one of their more expensive options, but in the past, I have purchased the entire The Infernal Devices trilogy for only $20 (also the fact that they are both Cassandra Clare books is a coincidence. I guarantee they have other options available!)


If second-hand books aren’t for you, and I completely understand why, this next option is for you:

I had always been interested, but a little hesitant of online survey providers. I’d seen countless stories about the successes and rewards earned from completing these surveys, but I thought it was likely to be a scam. Let’s face it, getting money for essentially answering some questions on the internet sounds too good to be true; however, I’m here to tell you it is a life saver!

I looked into it a few weeks ago and I’ve signed up to a few different providers, some of which are completely useless and take near on a century to earn any rewards. So, I’m here to tell you which ones are best and those that I use every day!



Check out the website here!

This provider is my absolute favourite because the rewards are so easy to earn! You receive, on average, 60 points for each survey you complete, but you have the potential to earn up to 120. I prefer to redeem my points for $10 Paypal gift cards which only cost 500 points. It is so quick and easy that I have earned up to $50 in a fortnight, which went directly to Book Depository because I have no self-control!


AVAILABLE COUNTRIES: Australia, UK, US, Ireland, Germany, India and Canada

Check out the website here!

This provider takes a little more work and enthusiasm to redeem points, but in this case, you aren’t limited to completing surveys! You can earn points by playing games, watch videos, browse via their search engine, and even by shopping at eligible online stores (and lucky for you UK folk, because Book Depository offers a 4% return on cash spent!).

It takes a little bit more work to earn enough points to redeem your reward, but if you visit the website each day and complete a few surveys they start piling up. The cheapest Paypal gift card is 2,500 points for $25, although they do offer a range of different products and cards.

As this is a US founded provider most gift cards are in United States Dollars (USD), so depending on your country when you redeem your rewards you are likely to earn a little bit extra than advertised which is always a nice surprise!

For you guys that are interested in this idea, I suggest doing some research into other providers that are available in your country. I have only just scratched the surface and you can never earn too many rewards!

I hope these tips and tricks help you save your precious money! If you have any other suggestions or methods please help a broke girl out and leave it in a comment down below. I hope you enjoyed this somewhat educational post, and I hope to see you again!

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  1. There’s a used bookstore near my house that I’m partucularly fond of! Decently cheap, generally nice condition books. They also have full priced new or will get you anything you want.

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