Harry Potter Series: Book to Movie

I have officially completed my marathon of the Harry Potter novels, and it’s fair to say I’m even more in love than I originally was. I grew up eagerly anticipating the release of the next Harry Potter film, and I like to attribute some of my personality traits to the loveable characters on screen, the ones that moulded me into the person I know today. With that in mind, I was always too scared to read the books in case my opinions changed surrounding that pivotal part of my childhood. However, now that I have experienced both aspects of this wonderfully created world, I appreciate both for entirely different reasons.

I’m just going to put it out there: in some ways, the movies are the most perfect adaptations possible, yet it’s easily agreed that some key elements are missing that would’ve enriched the story just a little bit more. I understand they couldn’t include everything due to time restraints (Although I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’m totally up for a 6-hour movie if it included absolutely every single detail!). There are just a few crucial points that I really wished included, ones that would’ve shown the true personality of the characters in question:

  1. The god damn Marauders!

I will give the movie franchise praise for briefly skimming over their backstory because I guess something is nothing, but I want more! PoA would’ve been the perfect place to discuss the matter further, because even though the group were assholes (and don’t try to deny it) I still adore the perfect little mischief makers. The inclusion of this story would’ve made Harry’s relationships with Remus and Sirius so much more meaningful and deep, as the audience would understand how they were truly thought of as family by James and Lily. To see how the boys sacrificed so much to ensure Remus was cared for and loved during his toughest periods, to see how James cared for Sirius as a brother and didn’t let his family’s views tarnish their relationship unlike others, and to see that the four were inseparable during their years at Hogwarts and after.


  1. Tom Riddle’s FULL backstory

My favourite part of HBP was learning about Tom Riddle’s parentage and how he became the brutal Voldemort, and I feel like the movies would really benefit from this extra storyline. HBP was one of my least favourite movies purely because it felt really slow and segregated from the others; it felt like a time filler. With the addition of how the Riddle’s became the feared pureblood family, detail of the relationship between his parents, and more information about his lust for special treasures for his Horcruxes would make it feel more at home with the others in the series. This would also mean that Harry didn’t stumble around so aimlessly, as the novel version had some idea of what he was looking for because he understood how Tom’s mind worked thanks to the extra help from good ol’ Albus.


  1. Hermione and S.P.E.W

While growing up, I found Hermione to be the most influential and exciting character of the bunch. She was so smart, funny, strong and independent, and I always hoped I could be like her one day. So with that being said, I feel like the movie version was nothing compared to the kind and compassionate book Hermione. Her attitude towards the house elves working within the Hogwarts Kitchens is what the true character is about. The way she could juggle her schoolwork, helping her friends when they needed it, and the hardworking and dedication towards making sure the ‘lesser creatures’ had the same rights as wand-holders really would make Hermione more of a well loved and deserving role model to young children, girls especially.


  1. Kreacher’s character arc

I realise that Kreacher wasn’t exactly a crucial role within the entire story, but I would’ve loved to see the real him rather than the grumpy little shit he is within the last movies. It would’ve shown that house elves can be kind and caring if you show them some respect, it also shows that even the most hateful and resentful people can change with a little bit of warmth. Plus, if we got to see the real Kreacher, that means we would’ve actually learnt who Regulus Black was, rather than the elusive figure who happened to be Sirius’ brother and the one that made the large sacrifice in order to help Harry along with his quest.


  1. More in-depth look into the Hogwarts Ghosts

I really wish the ghosts were included within all the movies. In the book they were constantly making snide little comments and adding a sense of honour into the darker sections of the story, however, in the movies, they were only a part of the first 2. This being said, the ghosts that we did meet weren’t the ones we got to know and love in the novels. I found Sir Nicholas to be rather sophisticated and pompous to the point that he seemed rather annoying and not content with his life at Hogwarts. Most importantly, I want to see bloody Peeves! He was the perfect comic relief, and his hilarious little cameos were exactly what the films needed, especially when he teamed up with the twins to create havoc and mischief!


  1. The true Weasley family

 The sweet and kind Weasleys weren’t portrayed fairly on screen. The best adaptation was Molly because she was fair and firm, but so caring towards all of her family including Harry and Hermione. Arthur was fairly similar, although he lost a lot of his inquisitive nature about all thing muggle related, but I forgive them about that because frankly, I feel like it would’ve been rather boring between all the action scenes. As for the twins, on screen they were a gimmick; their scenes were written as though they were the same person with slight variations in the dialogue. I miss the individuality in the two, and how on the page they worked together seamlessly with their outrageous pranks and hilarious outlook on life. The remainder of the group was practically forgotten. Ginny was plain and boring, and written to be Harry’s love interest; I missed her sassy attitude and the complete distinctiveness from the other girls in the series. The other brothers? who are they? For real though, Charlie wasn’t even shown on screen besides that 4-second cameo on the family photograph in Egypt, Percy disappeared for the middle 4 movies with zero mention of where he nicked off to, and Bill the brave wasn’t shown any respect while being written. I would’ve loved to see the large family dinners in the earlier novels  to really get to see the whole Weasley dynamic. Of course, Ron was accurately portrayed, due to his important role in the story, but I just wished the whole lot were showed the same level of detail!


  1. The inclusion of Neville’s past

 Neville and his parents played a pivotal role in shaping the future of Harry Potter’s life. it wasn’t until I read the novels that I understood that the prophecy could be in relation to either Harry or Neville, and I feel like that really adds another perspective to their friendship. In some ways, Harry could absolutely despise Neville and torture him for the decision Voldemort had made, but instead, he treats him with respect and the compassion he deserves. After all, Neville is an extremely talented and brave young wizard and who know where the group would be without him. Also, in OoTP the fact that Neville’s parents were tortured into insanity by the oh-so-lovely Bellatrix was mentioned, but I never really understood the severity of the situation until the trio meets them at St Mungo’s. I found it to be extremely confronting and a new wave of appreciation towards the little and geeky boy flow over me. It’s sad to admit, but I hated movie Neville like may people do, purely because we don’t understand how much of a complex character he plays.


  1. Dumbledore and Grindelwald

The rumours are that we will be learning more about this duo in the Fantastic Beasts series, and I REALLY hope it’s true. With that being said, I wish we still learnt about the infamous Gellert Grindelwald and his impact on Albus. Until I read the books I barely knew a thing about him, and my many viewings of the movies never helped me understand this mysterious boy. The information displayed isn’t very clear so I never understood his pivotal role in the history of magic, or that he shared a rather close bond with Albus Dumbledore. To be fair, the DH films did indeed mention him quite frequently while pondering the whereabouts of the Elder Wand, but I want more! I would’ve loved a few scenes of the younger versions of the two discussing their plans to hunt the Deathly Hallows or some interactions with Ariana and Aberforth.

And with that, I have finished ranting about the thing I wish were brought to life in the movie adaptations of Harry Potter (Although trust me, I could be here for days discussing more. Who knows, maybe I’ll make another post someday). Leave me a comment down below letting me know what you missed most from the beautiful story down below, and see you next time!


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