Rainbow Blog Challenge: Day 2

Today, the 21st of November is the second day of the “Rainbow Blog Challenge”, if would like to know more about this week long challenge, check out the post detailing all necessary information linked here!

The prompt for the day is “Time is precious” in which I will be discussing everything about the dreaded book slump. Enjoy!

Book slumps. We all hate them, but sometimes we just can’t avoid them. When life gets a bit busy or troubling books are forgotten about in those times of madness, which inevitably brings on the slump!

Currently, I’m in one of the largest book slumps ever (honestly, it’s near on the world record) and whatever I try I just can’t get out of it! I have tried countless strategies to try and minimise the effects, even just a little bit, but nothing is helping. To be fair, I was just in exam season so life was a bit hectic and I didn’t have time for much else other than revision, but that is no excuse. I miss holding a floppy paperback in my hands, smelling the musty smell of old pages, and living a second life via the written words of an extremely talented author.

I’ve tried continuing on with my Harry Potter marathon (speaking of which, I’m half way through the Deathly Hallows and it is so much better than the movie!), but then I feel guilty for not reading the books I was sent for review. So then I give my review books top priority but I just can’t seem to get into anything. I’ve tried everything from fantasy to romance, from murder mysteries to non-fictional novels discussing self-discovery and hate crimes. After that giant failure, I then tried scheduling times to read but when the time came I found myself to be either too busy or too tired. So then I tried to read whenever I had the spare time but I always found excuses to re-watch Outlander on Netflix (PSA: you all need to go watch that show, it is honestly the greatest combination of romance and historical fiction).

Honestly, I’m so jealous of those bookstagramers that can read multiple books a week. I physically don’t know how they do it! If I read more than 4 a month, I am instantly in a slump with every page just killing me a little bit more. I need more motivation, I think it’s my main issue. Don’t get me wrong, I love reading and the activity is highly addictive, but I get extremely overwhelmed quickly. Someone needs to teach me their ways because I’m really running out of energy!

So to sum up, book slumps are the worst! I wish luck to all readers luck with future endeavours with the slump, but seriously, give me some tips on how you get out of this! Apparently, my techniques aren’t efficient enough; I guess I’ll just need a little trial and error.

Thanks for reading my mindless rambling about the book slumps! I’m sure you guys understand the struggles, so leave me a comment below telling me how you deal with the terrible phenomenon. I hope you guys decide to join us on this fun little challenge and feel free to tag me in your posts because I would love to read your interpretations on the prompts!

See you next time,



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