Rainbow Blog Challenge: Day 1

Today, the 20th of November is the first day of the “Rainbow Blog Challenge”, if would like to know more about this week long challenge, check out the post detailing all necessary information linked here!

The prompt for the day is “Seeing Red” in which I chose to discuss something that makes me angry, even furious, about the book community. Enjoy!

I like to think that our book community is perfect, and in most senses it is. We all band together in times of need, have little inside jokes that outsiders have no hope in understanding, but most of all we are the same type of crazy! We are usually such a loving group that I can’t fault, but at times I’ve noticed a plague of negativity towards some of the pettiest things. The thing that irks me is when people are so rude and obnoxious, to the point it could be considered bullying, towards people that don’t share the same opinions on books. Now I’m not saying all people are like this and thank god for that, but it’s a small portion that goes out of their way to act like this.

I can safely say that this trend has been on a steady decline since I’ve joined the book community, but that doesn’t mean the behaviour has been diminished completely. When I watch popular booktubers or see a large bookstagramers latest post, there is almost a guarantee there will be hateful comments from this people. Teasing the content creators because they liked/disliked a particular book, or maybe prefer they prefer a less popular genre. Or worst of all when they tease the person for being overly emotion about something they felt so passionately about, something they wanted to share with their friends and followers because it meant something so deep to them, and these unappreciative people tear them to shreds because ‘it’s only a book’.

Thankfully I have never been on the receiving end of any drastic comments like this, we all receive minor questions and accusations because of our interests, but they are easy to ignore. What’s not easy to ignore is when these people use foul and threatening language to prove the point that they are always right, and you are just plain old idiotic. I’m sure we can all think of someone that has been affected by the phenomenon, in any way and on any platform. Personally, one of my closest friends of Instagram, who wishes to remain anonymous, was so affected by these so-called ‘opinions’ that she left her account behind for a month. For weeks she was afraid to post anything that didn’t follow the normality of the group, and still to this day gets anxious when she shares her unorthodox views. Any negative comment she gets genuinely scares her and the fun loving girl I once knew is no longer: she was pushed away from this caring community by one person who wasn’t thinking about the consequences of their actions.

I find the thought sickening; the fact that some people find joy out of this behaviour, that some like to stir up the pot just to get a reaction from the most vulnerable. Some people turn to books as a sense of safety and comfort, with the thought that their bookish family will always support them (and their opinions no matter how ridiculous). However, the terrible members ruin our reputation, and it doesn’t matter if they make just one person feel terrible about themselves, that is one more than is necessary.

I’m not asking people not to have opinions, I think they are one of the most important and interesting things within this community. What I’m asking is for people to stop discriminating and bullying others simply because you may not agree with something as tedious as a book. There are ways to spark a conversation about your disagreement in a polite and respectful manner, in fact, I encourage it. Just please, for everyone’s sake, don’t be belittling.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if you agree! I’m sure we all do but I’d be interested to hear some different opinions on the somewhat controversial topic, but as I said, please be kind in doing so. I hope some of you guys decide to join us on this fun little challenge and feel free to tag me in your posts because I would love to read your interpretations on the prompts!

See you next time,



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