How to read more during the school year!

This year I have started my final year of high school, and that means that I was instantly handed pile after pile of work to complete. This ultimately means that my reading life has been pushed aside, and has been on the bottom of my To Do List! I don’t quite know why I find it so difficult to find a healthy balance between reading and school, I have tried multiple methods and nothing seems to be working for me! I am currently in the first week of school break and I’ve been dedicating my spare time to reading, until outlander was added to Netflix but that’s a completely different story! So I thought I would make a little list that has helped me during the past four months:

  • Schedule reading time

I can’t stress this enough, make a dedicated time purely for reading! Whether it’s half an hour in the morning, or an hour between studying, if you have set time aside of reading I guarantee you will fill it! The only thing you have to do is stick to it. I know that after a long day at school/work sometimes all you want to do is crawl in bed and watch Netflix, and that is okay, just read a chapter or two between episodes or movies.

  • Stick to smaller books

I have tried to stick to smaller books as it boosts my bibliophile ego! I could read 2 or 3 novels in the time I could read a monstrous story. Let’s be real, when you finish a book you are about 110% more dedicated to fly through another, which in theory will allow you to read more. Well at least for me, this is probably the most important rule I stick to and has worked wonders! I don’t know if anyone else experiences this, maybe I’m one of a kind.

  • Favourite genres or books will help

Sometimes you go through a fantasy phase and then suddenly all you want to do is read contemporary. We all go through this and at times it can be quite annoying! If you experience this, just follow the motions. If you want to read a light hearted contemporary, read it. If you want to re-read Harry Potter for the 87th time, read it. If you enjoy what you’re reading, you will want to read more often.

  • Use it as a reward system

When I’m studying for a test coming up, or I have a list of math questions to complete I use reading a chapter as a reward for my hard work. This might make studying take much longer, but it gets me more motivated to read and work. Killing two birds with one stone aye! I usually do a few questions or read a section from my text book and then limit myself to reading one chapter, no matter who large the cliff hanger may be. This works wonders when the pile of work seems to be never ending, makes the hours fly by much faster creating a fun experience.

  • Don’t pressure yourself into reading

The worst outcome from pressuring yourself to read is a GIANT book slump, and trust me it will likely to last a while! Don’t be stressed if you physically can’t read a book, complete an essay, and get a healthy amount of sleep in one night. Sometimes we must make sacrifices, and you shouldn’t feel guilty about it. Early in the year I had accepted the fact that I wasn’t likely to read 40 books before 2017, and since then reading has become more of a fun experience again, rather than a chore.

These have worked for me in the past, and in no way am I saying that you must follow these too. Everyone is individual and will have separate methods. If you have any that work wonders for you leave them in a comment below, I would love to read them and possibly add them to my routine. See you next time!


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