Latest Cover Trends: Points of Discussion #3

I for one am not ashamed by the fact that book covers influence my purchases. I know for a fact that we all do it, but why exactly? Why are we so shallow when it comes to the outer appearance of a book, arguably the least important part? In the past I will admit not picking up a book that I was likely to enjoy purely because the cover was horrendous. Even though that makes me sound a tad pretentious and I might be exaggerating the situation, but I would definitely do it again. I have eve spent double the price to purchase an attractive cover. You might call me crazy, but I prefer the term ‘dedicated’


The newest cover trend is having big and bold typography, which I love! I am a total sucker for a simple cover with an eye catching font; I guarantee it’ll go straight in my basket. I wont even read the synopsis or any reviews, I just buy it and hope for the best. Luckily I haven’t been disappointed yet; my strategy seems to be working!


I’ve also notice that a lot of covers have been containing neutral or pastel colours which I’m all for! I for one love a bold colour, but I much prefer a nice subtle green or blue to add to my bookish rainbow. I just feel like the lighter colours complement each other when placed together; I could look at them all day.


Foiled book covers make my day so much brighter, literally. I love how when I’m reading a great book the sun catches on the cover, and illuminates the title. It somehow makes me feel badass while reading, although I know it sounds 100% crazy.

Helpful tip: this has really helped me out in the past when there are annoying people while I’m reading. You have to strategically place the cover in the sun, and blind them with the shine from the foil. It works like a charm as they will run away in pain. This will only be temporary solution as they will be furious, so enjoy the silence while it lasts!

Whether you are a fan or not of these newest trends or not, I’m sure we can all agree it’s a much better choice than the obsession with faces on covers. Why was that ever a thing? It was a bad time for us all, but I’m glad we pushed through it too become better people! It seems like these are here to stay for a while, and I do not hate it! More and more beautiful covers are released every day, and if you walk into a bookstore you will be overwhelmed by pastel colours and big curvelicious fonts.

Are you a fan of the newest trends, or can you think of any others? Leave me a comment below, and see you next time!


5 Replies to “Latest Cover Trends: Points of Discussion #3”

  1. Agreed!! I love the new trend and book covers totally influence my purchases as well! I was always freaked out my people/faces on the covers. The worst was the Delirium series by Lauren Oliver. Ugh! The face was just following and judge you. Creepy!!

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  2. Definitely got more than a few books just for the cover, including A Thousand Pieces of You, which I still haven’t read yet. I like the current trend! Except the foils. I keep shining myself in the eye. Somehow. I don’t even know how I do it.

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