January book haul 2016 | Haul #4

This month was the first official month of the year, and it’s been a good one. And by that I mean I got A LOT novels, so I guess my resolution of not buying many books this year has failed already!

I have a total of 10 that are a mixture of books I’ve received for review & gifts, and ones I have purchased myself. So let’s get right into it!


People rave about this novel, and with the added hype surrounding the movie I just had to pick this one up! I’m so intrigued by the synopsis because it’s about aliens. How good does that sound?! I don’t think I’m yet to experience an alien novel and many people say this is the best you can find, so I have insanely high hopes! As for the plot, it’s about a young girl that survives the first 4 waves of an alien invasion that has nearly wiped out the human race. She’s practically stranded until she finds a group of survivors and the work together to fight the ungodly alien race. It’s fair to say I’m excited!

I know some people are going to hate me for this, but I am yet to start the Throne of Glass series. I feel ashamed to admit that, but now that you know my darkest secret we can move on together. That being said it doesn’t mean I can’t by the series right? I own Throne of Glass, and now the second instalment Crown of Midnight. I think I want to collect more of the series before I start because I already know that I’m going to love it, and I don’t want to put myself through the pain of waiting! 
Can I just say that these covers are gorgeous! I mean Celaena looks badass and like a strong independent woman. I real like that in a female protagonist, because a lot of the time they are represented as the helpless girl that needs to be saved (I could rant about this for weeks!)

  • Face by Benjamin Zephaniah 

What initially attracted me to this novel was the fact it was in the bargain bin on Book Depository. You have to admit, we have all purchased a completely random book from that section because of the insanely low prices! Anyway, once I read the synopsis I was 100% interested! This story follows a young man that is in a car accident, the event leaving severe burns disfiguring face. He then has to deal with the fact that his life has changed forever and deals with the emotional, and physical, trauma. I’ve already read, and absolutely adored, this novel so if you are interested in a full review just let me know!


I won The White Rose in a giveaway held by Rhonda Sermon (author of the fantastic novel Timesurfers, check out my review here) so thank you so so much! Due to the fact I was receiving the 2nd novel I had to pick up the 1st! I’m so excited to pick up this series because it has a lot of hype surrounding it, but surprisingly I really have no idea what the story is about and I’m hoping to keep it that way! All I know is that I follows a girl that is being sold for some reason, I told you I didn’t know much!

  • Unborn by Daniel Gage


I was lucky enough to receive a paperback copy of Unborn directly from the publishers after I helped them with advertising the novel. I must say that the cover was legendary on the eBook form, but now that I can hold it in my hand it’s beyond beautiful! I could just stare at it all day! 

I have previously read this novel and have written a full review discussing my thoughts, you can check it out here

I won this ARC edition from a Facebook giveaway and I don’t really know anything about it (how shocking aye). I believe it’s a mystery, possibly with some murder, but who knows! I will try to get to this one soon, so I will keep you updated.


I was lucky enough to receive this novel from Allen & Unwin, so thank you so much! Sadly I can not read this yet because it’s a sequel to Winterkill, the first novel in this fantasy series. Although I do appreciate this gift, I will most probably be donating this to my local library so someone who will love this book can read it because at this stage I’m not really interested. This may change when I do some more researching, but I doubt that.

Harper Collins Australia are my favourite people right now! I opened a completely unexpected package and this saw the corner of this and almost cried because I was so excited! Now I’m sure you all know what this is about so I will keep the shpiel short. This is about a girl that was saved from drowning in the ocean, and the price she paid is joining the secretive work of the Sirens. Their biggest rule is not to fall in love with a human, and that is exactly what this girl does! I think I’m most excited for this novel out of the bunch as I’ve heard that Kiera’s writing is fantastic. I have insanely high hopes, so let’s hope it’s not disappointing!

Now let me tell you, I have been waiting for this release for MONTHS and now that it’s in my hands I’m so over overwhelmed! After hearing about all of the great reviews, I’m going to pick this up as soon as I can. People have explained this book as a group of time travelling pirates go on a scavenger hunt. I mean can you honestly not say that sounds like the greatest plot ever! 

So this concludes my January Book Haul, and I would say it’s a great bunch of new reads. Now I just have to lay back on the book buying and try to tackle this ever growing TBR pile, but we all know that’s not likely!

So what books did you get this month, and which are you most excited about? Leave me comment below, and see you next time!


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