Kaybee’s Designs Bookmark Experience

I, like a lot of bookworms, am a sucker for new bookmarks. I like a clean crisp bookmark to slide into my book pages, the whole experience is quite euphoric. As you could guess, I’m always on the hunt for new pieces to add to my collection. So when I seen that Kayla, more commonly known as @Soundless_rune_le_bookdragon On Instagram, opened a new store I immediately hoped on and snatched one up!

Her new store is called Kaybee’s Designs, which is where she sells handmade bookish crafts. She only opened her store last week and already has 10 different bookmark designs suited to please everyone! The prices are varying from $2.50 up to $14.00, therefore they are afforadable to all budgets.

Keep in mind that all prices stated are AUD (Australian Dollars), so prices may vary.

So in this post I will be talking about my experience with the shopping & product, and giving my honest opinions.


The bookmark I purchased is the ‘Book Dragon‘. I mean look at it! How could you not fall in love. It’s a literal book dragon, and how often do you come across those!

Photo Credit: Kaybee’s Designs

I gave Kayla the benefit of the doubt, and I was pretty confident the actual product would look exactly like the one photographed. But you never know these days! So when I received this in the mail today, I tore open the package and inspected it immediately.


As you can see it is almost an exact match! Obviously the colour looks different due to different lighting, but the shape and overall image is perfect! The cutting might be slightly different, but what more would you expect when each piece is cut by hand. I personally like the slightly off edges because it proves that someone has taken time and love to create this piece, and I just hope that it makes Kayla proud.


My bookmark cost $2.50, without shipping which is insanely cheap! Most products like this on Etsy are double the price, and I could never justify spending that much. The prices are all perfect matching the product listed and justifiable. Obviously the larger pack with more bookmarks, the prices increase yet it’s still fair.


 I paid just under $2 for shipping and handling, which is the Australia wide price! All other countries are insanely cheap too, averaging about $3. The list is extensive, with a large number of possible countries (is it sad to say I didn’t know some of them existed?)

As for the packaging, it was simple yet effective! The actual bookmark was secured on a piece of cardboard, then placed in a large plastic bag, and then that was wrapped in bubble wrap. So it’s fair to say it is very secure and minimal damage would occur! I’m unsure for oversea shipping, but it was sent in a simple envelope which might be damaged for long trips. To be fair I live just a few hours from the stores residence, so my package was feasible.


The bookmark is printed on thicker page, as if it’s photo paper. I highly doubt it will tear or crease anytime soon, I predict it will survive an apocalypse before showing signs of use!

The magnetic strip on the back was looking a bit hastily placed, and as though it might fall of sometime soon. That’s nothing a bit of glue can’t fix! The strength seems to be more than sufficient so it will hold a page or two with ease, what else could you need from a bookmark?

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the bookmark and I’m in love! The designs are unique and gorgeous: the products are detailed and the colours are vibrant. I wouldn’t be surprised if I make another order soon!


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