Readable Releases: January 2016

This month has some great new releases and what better way to start of the New Year than buy some books! So here is a list of books that you need to put on your lists immediately!

DISCLAIMER: the release dates may vary, and apply to Australia only. You may have to check your own countries dates.

Publication Date: January 5th


Alexandra is practically Young Adult royalty! Her highly acclaimed trilogy The Darkest Minds is raved about constantly, but somehow I am yet to pick it up. I’ve heard that this novel is a historical fiction mixed with time travel, which doesn’t happen often! The main character, a girl named Etta Spencer, is thrown into a life of utter mayhem when she discovers a secret society of time travellers that may destroy the world as we know it! She teams up with a young seaman, Nicholas, to travel through centuries and continents to retrieve a special item before the bad guys get to it first. Honestly, how great does this sound! It supposedly has action, bad ass characters, a teeny bit of romance and hilarious dialogue. So I can say that I am eagerly waiting by my bookstore for this to be released!


Publication Date: January 5th 


To be completely honest, I really have no idea what this story is about (I never do really!). What I do know is that this novel has some SERIOUS hype surrounding it! Countless booktubers, bloggers and authors have given this tremendous praise so of course I was putting this on my list! This novel has something to do with witches (hence the title), but I’m not to sure on the specifics. There are three different empires, and in the Witchlands some are born with “witchery”, a magical skill that makes them unique. The novel follows two girls:

  • Safiya the Truthwitch, able to discern truth from lie
  • Iseult the Threadwitch, can see the invisible ties that bind and entangle the live around her, yet not the bonds that touch her own

I’m guessing their will be a huge fight to keep the peace and save the world from the bad guys, but what I’m interested in is how Susan will work magic into it. I’m hoping that this fantasy will be a fantastic take on Witches, because the Young Adult genre doesn’t have many!


Publication Date: January 5th

this is where it ends.jpg

This is going to be a highly controversial book, that’s a given, you will either hate it or love it. This book is about a school shooting, which we all hear about far too often, however the perpetrator is a fellow student. This story is told over the span of 54 minutes through four different perspectives, all showing a different side to the story. I expect that this novel will be eye opening, suspenseful and heartbreaking all at the same time. I truly hope this novel really answers some serious questions and educates the public about this very taboo topic.


Publication Date: January 26th

night study.jpg

I haven’t read any of Maria V. Snyder’s novels (and yes, I do own 8 of them!), so I don’t particularly want to look at the synopsis to avoid spoiling myself. This novel is technically the second in a trilogy, although it’s classed as the 5th in a different series. I know it’s very confusing! I’ve linked the first book here, because I don’t know much about that one either.


Publication Date: January 26th

the love that split the world.jpg

This novel is described as a magical love story that will destroy the world unless someone manages to salvage the line! Natalie’s last summer in her hometown is the best of her life, until everything starts changing. Doors change colour, buildings are relocated and nobody else notices a thing. In just a few hours the whole town disappears, turning into rolling hills for as far as the eye can see. This is when her grandmother tells her that she only has three months to save this mysterious boy she meets at a high school football match. I’m so excited to read this; I’m expecting romance and passion, fun and an all round wonderful plot! I have insanely high hopes for this novel, so I’m hoping it meets them!


Publication Date: January 26th


Kiera Cass is another member of the Young Adult royalty. Her New York Times bestselling series The Selection is a must for all beginners to the genre (and of course, I have not read this one either!). However this novel deals with Sirens and a forbidden love that sounds familiar to The Little Mermaid. Kahlen was rescued mere seconds before drowning in the ocean, and becomes a Siren to repay her debts. Using her voice to lure strangers to their tragic death, she longs to live the normal life she was promised from birth. Being able to live on land and speaking, laughing and living freely among them is her greatest wish. Of course a hunky young man by the name of Akinli comes along and is everything she has ever wished for. However she is breaking the ocean’s number one rule, never fall in love with a human. Can I just start by saying, this sounds PHENOMENAL! It sounds like a story that I will love, because who doesn’t love a forbidden love story! Ive heard that this story was originally self-published in 2009, but completely re-worked for the 2016 release so Im excited to see how this is, because who knows, I may pick up the original!

So those are my most anticipated releases of January 2016! As you can see there is a lot of timetravel related novels, I think Timesurfers has changed my life for the better!  What books are you guys most excited for this month? Leave me a comment below and see you next time!



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