Blogging Goals for 2016

New Year, new me is a common phrase we hear this time of year and I feel like it’s relevant. Each year we set a TBR list, make new lists of books to look forward to, and in some cases make goals for blogs. So here I am sitting here on my couch wondering what I want to achieve this year, creating a list of smaller and larger thing that I deem worthy. I thought I would share.


1. Creating a schedule

For months and months I have been telling myself that I need to create a schedule and stick to it. I have tried a few times with segments like Top Five Friday’s and posting DIY’s on Wednesdays, but none of them stuck and I was just posting when I felt like it. That means some weeks I would create three posts and then zero for the next fortnight, and I just wasn’t happy with the way it made me feel. I would feel angry and annoyed at myself for not creating new pieces, but I also didn’t care and push myself to stay with the schedule. So this year it will change! I am going to post at least once a week, most probably on a Friday or Saturday (I haven’t decided yet so I will keep you updated!). I don’t know about this plan as this year is my last official year of school, so that means some crazy timetables, but I will try my hardest!

2. Posting a Variety

When I do post, which isn’t a common event, I feel like I post review after review after review. So this year I am aiming to post a wider variety of pieces. Obviously I still will be posting book reviews, but I hope to be posting things that book blogger commonly write like Monthly TBRs and Wrap-Ups or a book to movie adaptation review. I just want to make this whole blogging experience more exciting for not only me, but you guys because honestly who likes to read review after review? That’s what I thought!

3. More sociable

At the moment I tend to stick to myself when blogging, I post my piece then reply to the odd comment I receive. This year is when that will all change! At the moment once a week I go to my reader section and spend about ten minutes liking a few posts from people I follow, and sadly most of the time I don’t even read the whole thing. So this got me thinking, what’s the point of following these people if I’m going to be inactive? I promise that this year I will spend more time each day reading and commenting on people’s posts, and just being an all round more active member of this blogging community!

4. Stress Less

I feel like there is an unrealistic pressure on me to read and review a million books a year just because I am a book blogger. I need to sit back, think and be realistic with myself. Of course I’m not going to read every single book on my TBR pile this year, and I need to stop stressing about the fact that I can’t. Due to the stress I put myself under; I find that the less enjoyable this whole experience is. I’ve now realised that I’m not a bad blogger because I can’t read 40 books a year, or that sometimes I don’t feel like posting on Instagram everyday. These small little tasks that should be fun are starting to feeling like a chore and is tainting this experience. So this year I’m going to try to care less about the number of books I’ve read, or if my latest Instagram picture is flawless and matches theme because it’s not worth stressing over in the long run. Honestly, I’ve realised that no one else cares or notices!


Here are just a few things that I hope to achieve this year, and if not I’m going to take some advice from number 4 and not care if I don’t! What are some bookish goals that you guys have this year? Leave me a comment below and see you next time!


7 Replies to “Blogging Goals for 2016”

  1. Your blogging goals basically mirror mine! Except the schedule one. I’ve been this incredibly cold, anti-social carrot who doesn’t respond to comments and leave comments on other blogs, and just recently I realised, when I joined Twitter, that WHAT AM I DOING WITH THIS BLOG IF I’M NOT GOING TO TALK TO other antisocial carrots! So connecting and interacting more is the main goal for this year!
    Good luck with posting a variety of reviews! Think about doing discussions, features, etc if you’re looking for more kinds of posts! They’re really fun to write too 🙂

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