December Book Haul 2015 | Haul #3

‘Tis the season to gain books, and that I did! I have accumulated a total of nine books this month, but to be fair I did receive some as gifts. However, I did go crazy with book purchasing at some pre-Christmas sales so they are justified in my eyes. If it’s not full price, it doesn’t count right?

So here is my December 2015 book haul!



I was lucky enough to receive three books to review from Harper Collins and Bloomsbury Australia this month

  • TIM by Colleen McCullough


This novel is about a woman, Mary, in her early forties that doesn’t have a family or any friend as she’s has focused on building her career and a successful life. That is until a handsome young man named Tim comes along and changes everything. The synopsis of this book is quite vague but it’s definitely a romance, which I love! I imagine that Tim and Mary grow a relationship pushing both of them out of their comfort zones, which will be a fun little adventure. However, I believe that this novel was a very controversial piece when it was first released so I don’t really know what to expect! So thank you so much to Harper Collins for sending me this


I don’t really know much about this novel expect that it’s a murder mystery, and I plan to keep it that way. What I understand is that the protagonist is Thomas Bellweather and he is the only suspect for his mother’s murder. He has to prove himself to his entire town; even his stepfather can not protect him from suspecting eyes. That is until some girl named Charlotte trusts him, and the two go on a journey to prove his innocence. Let me tell you, this book sounds so suspenseful! There is murder, bad guys, good guys and a massive fight between good and evil. What else could you want! I know I’m going to fly through this, so I hope I can get to this soon. Thank you to Bloomsbury Australia for this book, it sounds fantastic!


Trey had a tragic childhood. He was hiding in a cupboard and witnessed the murder of his parents, which is when he swears he wants revenge! Since these tragic events he was been getting into trouble and bad things happen commonly. In his teenage years he is admitted to a camp that is meant to help save and protect troubled teens. This is where he goes on a trip of self discovery where he makes friendships, heals and deals with his revenge. I’ve heard some very mixed reviews about this one, so let’s hope I love it! The emotions in this novel are suppose to be strong, it’s heartbreaking (which would be obvious), eye opening and supposedly hilarious. Once again, thank you so much to Bloomsbury Australia for sending me this novel as well. The cover is a soul stunning, I mean look at it!




This is the first novel in a 15 novel series! That is ridiculous and yet I’m so excited, and terrified, to start this very daunting journey. What I know about this series is that it’s a high fantasy, that’s it. To be completely I don’t want to know anything more, I love going into fantasy not knowing anything and getting lost into the world. I have high hopes for this series and I hope it lives up to my standards!

  • Glass Trilogy by Maria V. Snyder 


The first novel being Storm Glass, second being Sea Glass and finally Spy Glass. I picked up this whole trilogy for $15, it was too cheap to just let go. I mean come on, how often does that happen? Anyway I purchased this series because Maria wrote it, and I’ve heard that her writing is fantastic! I already own the Study Trilogy and have heard nothing but great things about it, so I hope this one is great too! Except I have no idea which order I should read these books, I’ve heard that they take place in the same universe so I’m sure there is a preferred order. I guess I will have to do some research pre-reading.




I received this as a gift from my uncle and I’m beyond excited! If you don’t know who Tyler is, I don’t know where you have been for the last few years. Tyler is a social media queen with over 7 million followers, and about a bjillion fans/followers on all other platforms. I’ve been mildly obsessed with him for the past two year, so when he released a novel it went straight to the top of my ‘need right now’ list. Anyway, this novel is a collection of short stories, or essays as you will, about anything and everything. Some about his childhood, others about his parents, and I’m sure there is a few pants shitting stories in there too! I find Tyler so hilarious, so I’m hoping that his writing will be just as sassy and quirky.


My ever so lovely cousins picked this for me, and thank you so much! If I’m going to be completely honest with you, I literally have no idea what this is about. I’m pretty sure it’s a memoir type of thing about embracing and developing creativity, but that’s it. I usually wouldn’t read novels like this, mostly because I find them to be like torture, turning each page becomes more painful than the last. However, I always tell myself that I should try more genres, so maybe this book will be a turning point for me (Although I highly doubt it!)


So this concludes my December Book Haul, and I would say it’s a great bunch of new reads. Now I just have to lay back on the book buying and try to tackle this ever growing TBR pile, but we all know that’s not likely!

So what books did you get this month, and which are you most excited about? Leave me comment below, and see you next time!


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