Goodreads Reading Challenge debacle: Points of Discussion #2

As you probably know, Goodreads holds a reading challenge each year. At the beginning of the year I decided to join, and set myself a goal to read 40 books. I knew it would be a challenge as school increasingly gets harder and more demanding each year, but I thought it would be manageable.

However, life came along and threw me a curve ball. There is now less than 20 days left in 2015 (where has this year gone?!) and I have 6 books standing between me and sweet victory! That means if I lock myself in my room and can finish 1 book every 2.5 days, I should be able to claim my award and wear it with pride. That would be a perfect plan if the holiday season didn’t come and block my path!

Then I was thinking about the whole process. Why do I feel the need to rush through 6 more books just so I can have an electronic banner on my Goodreads page? It’s as though I self consciously think I wont be accepted as a reader if I don’t have this little banner. So the real question is will I continue the challenge and rush through the book giving me a higher chance of not enjoying the novels, or will I take my time and read what I want to read. Who knows at this stage.

So how are you guys going with your Goodreads reading challenge?


2 Replies to “Goodreads Reading Challenge debacle: Points of Discussion #2”

  1. I’m not gonna reach my Goodreads goal this year, and I don’t feel bad about it any more. I did at first.. but sometimes you just gotta allow for life stuff to get in the way of reading 🙂


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