October & November Book Haul 2015 | Haul #2

The amount of books I have gotten over the past two months have been surprisingly low. Good job me! I have a total of 10 new books, that’s right only nine! I’ve cut back on the splurging as the holiday season is just around the corner.  But that’s enough blabbering, let’s get into the haul!



I opened up my wallet this past two months and went crazy! I bought 6 books, which is far more than I usually buy, but I though what’s the harm in letting go for a brief period of time!


I feel ashamed to admit that I have not read any books by Sarah J. Maas. There, I finally said it! I’m basically the only bibliophile in the whole world that has not experienced her writing style that can only be described as enchanting, exciting and compelling! To be completely honest, I really have no idea what this series is about. All I know is that someone is an assassin and she badass, but what else could you want in a book?!


I have another confession… I have not read Fangirl yet. I’m basically the worst YA bookworm there is! I have been recommended this book countless times, I have bought it, but it hasn’t moved off my shelf since I placed it there. I’m too scared to read it because what if I don’t like it, you know what I mean? Anyway, when I seen this gorgeous cover at the bookstore I grabbed it immediately! Once again, I’m not really sure what its about besides the fact its based off of the fan-fiction Cath wrote in Fangirl, and people compare it too Harry Potter which means it must be great!


I came across this book on a total whim! I was browsing in the Book Depository Bargain section when I came across this beautiful cover, like seriously look at it! It was then that the synopsis totally pulled me in. To my understanding it’s about a girl, named Meagan, with selected mutism that she gains after a terrible accident, but then she meets the new girl. They become best friends, which is when Megan starts to become comfortable and becomes her old self again. My description doesn’t do this book justice, but it sounded so unique and intriguing that I just had to own it!



This month I have ordered three different books from an online, second-hand bookstore (my new love!) I have a separate post where I talk about everything you need to know about prices, shipping and condition which you can read here.


I have heard a number of great things from JesseTheReader, Katytastic and a whole bunch more of fantastic booktubers. So when I seen this HARDCOVER for $10 I grabbed it immediately! I’m hoping that this a spooky, yet humours novel as I love them. Im not really sure what this one is about either, can you see a theme happening? I hope to keep it that way too, because I love going into books blind! And not gonna lie, I have extremely high hopes for this book!


So what I have a rough idea of what this book is about, shocker right! I’ve heard that the main character is having a rough time making friends, and meets this new boy and create a friendship easily. Then the friendship grows and they end up falling for each other. Even though the main characters are gay, the storyline doesn’t dwell on that and they just live a crazy hectic life. I’m intrigued to see how this is written, because every other LGBTQ+ book I’ve read has been purely about the relationship, so I’m excited to see a new POV.  I’ve also heard that this book is just so adorable, and I almost 100% guarantee I will cry!


Once again another popular book that Rachel is yet to read! I feel like I’m failing society, but this will change soon, hopefully. I know that this book is dystopian and follows two characters, which I believe are split into two different points of view. A few of my friends have recommended that I go into this book blind, and I will do my best to avoid spoilers. I’ve done a pretty great job so far! When I received this book I basically cried because its so beautiful and shiny, and under the jacket! Just pure beauty!



I was lucky enough to receive four books for review in the past two months. First off I received three books from Harper Collins, these being:


Basically all I know about his book is that it’s a prequel to the well loved series A Song of Ice and Fire, which was adapted into the well loved television show Game of Thrones. It follows a young knight, Dunk, and his squire named Egg. It’s a bind up of three different novellas that are all about the young duo. I don’t plan on reading this book anytime soon, as I haven’t read ASoIaF but I will get there one day. Those books are huge!


All I know about this book is that it’s a twisted retelling of the original Alice in Wonderland. I have not read the original novel, but have seen a few adaptations over the years and love the story. So I’m hoping this will live up to the hype!


This novel is about Sabrina Boggs, an older woman that finds a collection of her father’s possessions, yet somehow they unravel a web of lies about her past. The synopsis is very vague, which intrugied me and then the cover pulled me in. This story sounds so mysterious and serious, and I always love a thought provoking story!


Timesurfers is explained as “Back to the Future meets The Mortal Instruments” how great does that sound! This novel is about a young girl called Cate that accidentally brings a cheerleader back to life when she learns about her Timesurfer connection. Timesurfers travel through time to protect the world from dark forces trying to manipulate history. THIS SOUNDS SO GOOD! Honestly this sounds like the perfect book; it has time travel and a group fighting badasses. What more could you want!


So that is my completed October and November Book Haul! I think it was quite successful and got a great group of novels that im so excited to read! leave me a comment what you got this month, and if you have read any of these books. See you next time!



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