Thrift Books shopping experience

As you may know I just found the most amazing bookshop online called Thrift Books. I have a full post about why it’s so good, so check it out here!

A few people have asked me a few questions regarding the ordering process and the quality, and I have ordered 3 different books from the website. Now that I have received all of my packages, here is my experience with shopping at Thrift Books.

I just want to state that I am Australian so prices and shipping will be different for every country, so be cautious when making your own orders!


  • Price

As an Australian booklover that doesn’t like spending money, buying books is excruciating! The prices are crazyily high, and I internally cry when I hand over $20 for a paperback! That was until I came across Thrift Books! The prices are extremely cheap, I have ordered 3 hardbacks and the most expensive one was $12.43. The prices are obviously varying due to the size and popularity, but they are much cheaper than retail price!

PS. All prices shown on the website are in USD (United Sates Dollar) so do your conversions before you commit to a purchase!

  • Shipping

I hate paying for shipping! In most experiences it’s double the price of the actual book, and doesn’t make it worth it! However, this shipping was CHEAP! The set price per book is $4.99 USD; no matter the size or weight, which is perfect! In most cases the shipping is more expensive than the actual book; however you don’t mind because it’s too good to pass.
Now the packaging the books come in is extremely weak. It’s basically just wrapped in a thin plastic envelope without any padding for protection. All 3 books I received had slight damage to the corners, just a small dent, but it wasn’t extensive.

This is one of the worst, but they can be bent back into place!
  • Condition

As Thrift Books is a second hand book seller the books are in different categories of condition. These being:

  • New
  • Like New
  • Very Good
  • Good
  • Acceptable
  • Thrift Deal

The three I have ordered were either in Like New or Very Good condition, because I wanted them to look as clean and pristine as possible. All 3 that I have received were practically flawless! There was no rips, defacing on the pages, dents or corners bent. However, my Very Good book had a TINY red mark on the back cover.

Its barely noticeable!
  • Extras

Each book comes with a sticker that is located on the bottom half of the book spine. If you want to remove it, just heat it up with a hairdryer for no more than 1 minute and it should peel straight off. I’m talking from experience!

The bottom book was the one with the sticker removed. As you can see you can see no residue!

So as you can see my experience with Thrift books was fantastic! I highly recommend that everyone check this store out immediately, its well worth it! And if you have any other questions don’t be afraid to leave them me a comment!

8 Replies to “Thrift Books shopping experience”

    1. I say that they both have their strengths and weaknesses. If you prefer you books in pristine condition then I definitely recommend the Book Depository. However, if you don’t mind a few dents or bent pages then go for Thrift books. You can pay the same amount for a used Hardback from Thrift Books as a brand new Book Depository paperback.


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