Affiliate Partnerships: Points of Discussion #1

I wanted to have a quick little discussion about Affiliate links. I have noticed that more and more book bloggers have an affiliate link with the Book Depository, myself included, and I wanted to talk about how the owners promote themselves.

As an avid book reader and blogger, affiliates are a great way to earn a small bit of cash with the help of other book fans. However, I have noticed recently that bloggers tend to push the link in your face telling you to buy something. I can honestly say that if I see that, I immediately unsubscribe. It probably sounds a bit harsh, but I find it incredibly annoying, and I think people need to learn how to restrain themselves. Sure you can include the link and hope for the best, but when you make it obvious so it stands out from the rest I find it impolite.

I tend to think that they are trying to make a business out of this rather than a hobby, which is completely fine and you should enjoy what you are doing. But I instantly think that they are only interested in book blogging for the money.

Maybe I’m over reacting, but I really had to get this off my chest. So leave a comment below telling me your thoughts about the topic, or any ideas for other topics. I would love to hear anything and everything you say!


3 Replies to “Affiliate Partnerships: Points of Discussion #1”

  1. I don’t quite understand how you say that some bloggers push the links to the readers faces probably because I haven’t seen one (or maybe I’m just used to ads or something).
    I’m also an affiliate for Amazon and Book Depository but to tell you the truth I don’t expect that I’ll earn a penny from it. 🙂 My links are not really that conspicuous anyways. I’m still using the same font and color.


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