DIY: Bookpage Jars

This is a quick and easy DIY that will repurpose an underated house hold object. These Bookpage Jars will look great anywhere, especially a bookshelf, and can be used for just about anything!

For this project you will need:


  • Old book pages, but anything made of paper will work just as fine!
  • Jars, that have been cleaned thoroughly
  • Mod Podge, but PVA Glue & Water make a cheaper alternative!
  • A Paintbrush
  • OPTIONAL: Ribbon, Glitter or anything else imaginable to decorate the final product

Step 1: Before you can start, you will have to remove and stickers or labels from the jars. An easy way to do this is soak them in warm soapy water for a few minutes. They should slide right off!

Step 2: Tear smaller strips of paper to stick on your jar. You can be as gentle or as rough with the tearing, however each will produce a different look.


Step 3: Pick out the pieces and start to glue them to your jar. If you are creating you own mixture, use PVA glue and add a small amount of water. Mix until it has the consistency of milk, but don’t drink it no matter how appetizing it looks! Half way through I found that painting a layer on the back of the paper before applying it on the jar was much easier. It’s like having an extra hand!


Step 4: Repeat the process until the whole jar is covered. When you are satisfied, adding a layer of glue to each piece which will preserve the paper and make it look neater. Just be sure to apply the glue in the same direction, I prefer to brush it on horizontally around the jar as I found it prevents tears and holes in the paper.


Step 5: Depending on the shape of your jar you may have a curved bottom. If that occurs, just push the paper down following the shape curves. It might take a while to happen, but just be patient and reapply glue.


Step 6: Now let your baby dry for a few hours or until it’s not tacky to touch anymore.

Step 7: You have now finished you newest décor item, now place it in you house with pride!


Step 8: The next step is completely optional but you can decorate it however you want. Due to the shape of my jar the neck was messy and the pages ripped in a few places, so I fixed this by adding twine and adding a bow.


This simple DIY is not confined to jars; you can apply the same process and create anything. Let your imagination take control, and remember to have fun with it!

If you create this DIY I would love to see it! You can find me at @rachel_reads on Instagram, and as always if you have any recommendations on what I should try next time, let me know down below!


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