I, as an Australian bookworm can confidently say that books here are expensive! You’re lucky if you can find a paperback for less than $12. Well today I’m here to tell you that help is on its way, because I have a secret!

Yesterday I was browsing the internet for an online store that was like Book Outlet, but didn’t have the same outrageous shipping rates attached. I spent A LONG TIME looking because I was dedicated! After many websites had come and gone I landed on Thrift Books, and it was a gift from above because it was exactly what I was looking for!

So Thrift books is basically a store that sells second-hand books for an insanely cheap price. I ordered a hardback in brand new condition for under $12 including shipping from America. TWELVE AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS! I know what you’re thinking; it’s too good to be true. Well I’m here to tell you that its not

The teeny tinny catch is that most of the books are ex-library novels. So they have a select number of books in various conditions, and rarely have the newest releases, but if you do a bit of digging I guarantee you will find some literary gold. Now for the shipping rates (which is what you were waiting for), there is a set price per book. No matter how heavy it is, it will always cost $5.00 US!

Until the end of October, almost all Young Adult books are 15% percent off if you use the coupon code TEEN. So get in quick!

Now that you have the wonderful secret, go shopping! One thing to keep in mind before you blow all your money is that all of the prices are in American dollars (I made the mistake of thinking it was Australian). So do your conversions, because it’s still worth it!



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