Book Unhaul | October 2015

After having quite a few large book hauls lately, I’ve decided to do an Unhaul. Considering it is now officially Spring, I’m doing a quite large clean with bookshelf included! There is various reasons why I decided to get rid of these novels, and there are quite a lot of them, so lets just get started.


One of my biggest internal struggles is controlling myself at a book sale! If it’s cheap and I’ve heard about it or the author, it’s immediately mine. This obviously results in me obtaining books I don’t want, or know anything about.


I was at a library sale where every book was $1 so I went crazy! When I noticed Jodi’s books I practically snatched them from someone else because they were going to be mine, I got a little crazy! Now that I have them on my shelf, and the novelty has warn away, I realised I have ZERO interest in the novels. I basically just grabbed them because I liked the movie adaptation of My Sisters Keeper, I cant figure out the logic behind that.


I found this gem at a $6 book sale, and after hearing great things about the series from Katytastic, I picked it up and I was so excited to read it. I looked for the first novel in bookstores for more than a year, because I want to support local shops. After still not having any luck I reassessed my decisions and I really don’t have any interest in the story anymore. That serves me right for not picking up the first book before I purchased this one!


I found this at the same $6 sale, and picked it up purely because I loved the television show. I soon realised it was the ninth book or something ridiculous like that! I doubt I will pick up all of the others, so its better that it goes to someone else who will appreciate it more.


When I receive a pack in the mail, my heart starts to beat faster and I’m internally screaming from excitement! Every book I collect I cherish and treat it as though it’s a living child, however there is always the ugly child that you pretend that you like just because you have to. These books listed below are the ugly children of the group.

  • One by Sarah Crossan


Don’t get me wrong this technically is not the ugly child; it’s just that I have so many copies! I entered a giveaway a few months ago where I was lucky enough to win a SIGNED HARDBACK, which is crazily ridiculous! So when I opened up a package and seen this paperback copy, I immediately placed it into my ‘to donate pile’ because it would be unfair to keep both.


I have pretty much zero interest in reading this novel. It’s not my preferred genre, because it’s an extremely cheesy romance with cowboys, and I’ve heard some pretty terrible things about it from my close friends. I do feel bad about not giving this one a chance, but my ‘to be read pile’ is large enough already!


I love when my family just let me ramble on about my feelings towards certain books, and love it even more when they buy me books. They try so hard let me be whoever I want, and I am so appreciative for it, but sometimes they just get it wrong.


I was a twi-hard, preteen fan when my mum gave me this book. I just watched New moon in the cinemas for the first time, when she gave me this as an early birthday present. Back then I was going through the phase where I thought reading was nerdy, so I wasn’t going to read this ever. Now that I’m in love with books again, I’m not going to pick this up. I still love the movie series, but pretend like I don’t, and I don’t want to ruin them (but it does have gorgeous red pages!)


When I got this I was in my non-reading phase, and once again I have lost interest. It would have been perfect for me a few years ago, but my reading material has matured, and this would be perfect for my younger cousin. She will love it, and because I’m a great person it’s now hers. This is why I’m her favourite!


My grandmother read these and passed them down to me a few months ago. I don’t really think I would like either of them, as the synopsis’ make them sound far to adulty (is that a word?) for me. They as also both rated fairly low on Goodreads, so its time for them too leave the pile.


For these final two, im not really sure how or when I acquired them, but they are both the sequel in a series. I don’t find myself picking up the first in the series anytime soon, even though I would really love too. Both series sound like something I would love, but I have a thing where I just cant start a new series without finishing all of my others, so it would take far too long.

So here is the books that I will be donating/giving away to people that will enjoy them much more than me. At the moment they are just sitting on my bookshelf gathering dust, so I’m glad they will be going to much more loving homes.

Tell me what you think about these books down below, and tell me if I should rethink my decision about them. Im always keep an open mind about books!


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