September Book Haul 2015 | Haul #1

Today I’m venturing into new territory. It’s terrifying, but I think it will be the beginning of something new!

When watching book tube and reading other people’s blogs, my favourite things to watch/read are book hauls. I love seeing how excited people get over holding a fresh new book, waiting to dive into a brand new world! It’s also a great way to find new books to add to my To Be Read pile (like I need more!).

I never thought I purchased enough books each month to make a worthy book haul. However, today I’m stepping out of my comfort zone and I hope that you guys enjoy my September Book Haul!


This month was really stressful with school, so what’s a better way to calm yourself than going book shopping! So in this oh so beautiful month I finally broke my book buying ban. Now to be fair it lasted just over 4 months, which is practically record-breaking within the book community, so I believe I deserve an award or something right?!


I’ve had my eye on this book for a LONG TIME! For as long as I can remember my grandmother was the world’s biggest Austen fan, so I felt like I had to continue the family tradition. She told me that Persuasion in particular was her favourite, and she has read it once a month for at least 20 years (like I said, hardcore fan!).
So I went imaginary book shopping, which is where you put all of your wish list in your shopping cart and wish you were rich enough to buy them all. I know that you have done it too! It was then that I noticed this stunning cover was only $10 I knew I had to grab it immediately! Honestly, who doesn’t love this beautiful little cover with the messily drawn flowers?


I was lucky enough to receive a total of 8 books for review this month, however I don’t really know what any of them are about (I’m such a great blogger, I know). So I can’t really go into much detail but I will try my hardest!


I received this ARC from Harper Collins I’m beyond excited! I haven’t heard much about this book, but from what I have it sounds fantastic! I don’t know much about the plot, but it’s a mystery (and I’m really in to these lately!). I’ve also heard that it deals with some quite mature themes, so I 100% guarantee I will cry at some stage in the story.
This will be released on the 23rd of November.


OH MAN, I’M FLIPPING EXCITED FOR THIS ONE! When I opened this package, a solid stream of happy tears were flowin’. This is the second book to the Firebird trilogy, and I fell in love with the first book A Thousand Pieces of You when I read it last year, which I have reviewed here. So fair to say I have insanely high hopes and expectations! I can’t really say much about the synopsis because it contains spoilers for the first novel. But let’s just say it sounds FREAKING AMAZING!
This novel will be released on the 1st of November.


I received this memoir from Harper Collins, and I’m excited to dive into this story. This memoir is about Aspen’s heartbreaking story which starts when she is raped in college by a fellow student. After pressure from her parents to keep quite about the incident she decides to break free from her reigns, and goes on a MASSIVE 2,650-mile hike from Mexico to Canada.
I requested this novel purely because it reminded me of Wild by Cheryl Strayed. I watched the movie the night before I received an email about this novel, and I was moved by the events that lead up to the hike. I’m sure Girl in the Woods will be just as heartbreaking and thought provoking, but I really do love a well written memoir. I find it so interesting and love reading about other people’s lives (does that make me sound creepy?)

Allen & Unwin were kind enough to send me a package containing two books. It was quite surprising considering I didn’t request either of them, but I’m so excited for one book in particular. This being:


This will be the second Historical Fiction book I’ve read, and I really enjoyed the first one. Even though they share zero similarities, I have high hopes.
This is the first book to a new fantasy trilogy, The Great Library, which is set in an alternate world where the Great Library of Alexandria is still exists. So in theory this is a book about books, what could be better for a bibliophile! I hear that this novel contains war and a much unexpected villain, which makes this a very intriguing read. This also has great ratings and bucket loads of hype, I can’t wait to sink my teeth into this!


I received this book, and I literally knew nothing about it. So obviously I hoped onto Goodreads to check out what other people think. I can now honestly say that I’m not looking forward to this. It’s a really cheesy cowgirl meets a boy and fall in love type of story, and I have no interest in this repetitive storyline. The synopsis makes it sound like a tacky fan fiction, but I’m trying to go into this with an open mind, for all I know this may become my new favourite book!

Lastly, this month I have started working with Bloomsbury Australia and received a HUGE package containing a mixed lot of books.

  • Zeroes by Scott Westerfeld, Margo Lanagan & Deborah Biancotti


I’m ecstatic to read this novel! I’ve heard only fantastic things about Westerfeld’s writing, and even though I previously have heard of Lanagan and Biancotti, I’m sure this will be a beautiful novel.
Zeroes is the first novel in a new fantasy trilogy about superheroes. It’s about a group of teenagers that all have a different type of superpower, and band together to create the Zeroes (a spin on heroes). I haven’t heard much about this story, what a shocker right! Although it’s been described as a refreshing take on the typical hero storyline, and I couldn’t be more relieved.
This novel was released on the 23rd of September.


I have previously read this novel, and have some very negative feeling towards it. Saying I hated it, is an understatement! So when I opened this up I had very mixed feeling, it’s a beautiful hardback, which is extremely rare to find in Australia! I flipped to the first few pages and notice that it was different. When I read it the first time, you can find the review here, it was an ARC eBook so the formatting was all over the place. That was a major part of why I didn’t like it much, but I might give this book another go one day. Don’t count on it though!

  • One by Sarah Crossan


This novel is written in verse, and the last book of the type I read I LOVED! I have insanely high hopes for this.
It is a collection of short poems written about a set of conjoined twin girls and their story. It follows them through happy memories, and through the heart decision of separation.
Quite a few of my friends have read this and recommended it to me, saying its heart warming and breaking at the same time. I’m sure this will be a painful read, but I will enjoy it. The struggle we bookworms deals with daily!

So that’s my complete September book haul! I hope I can continue with this, but as we all know I’m kind of lazy. What books are you excited about, and what’s the favourite novel you picked up this month? Let me know down below.


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