REVIEW: Concentr8

Author: William Sutcliffe

Genre: Young Adult, Sci-Fi


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Publisher: Bloomsbury

Release Date: 27th August

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SYNOPSIS: In a future London, Concentr8 is a prescription drug intended to help kids with ADD. Soon every troubled teen is on it. It makes sense, doesn’t it? Keep the undesirable elements in line. Keep people like us safe from people like them. What’s good for society is good for everyone. Troy, Femi, Lee, Karen and Blaze have been taking Concentr8 as long as they can remember. They’re not exactly a gang, but Blaze is their leader, and Troy has always been his quiet, watchful sidekick – the only one Blaze really trusts. They’re not looking for trouble, but one hot summer day, when riots break out across the city, they find it. What makes five kids pick a man seemingly at random – a nobody, he works in the housing department, doesn’t even have a good phone – hold a knife to his side, take him to a warehouse and chain him to a radiator? They’ve got a hostage, but don’t really know what they want, or why they’ve done it. And across the course of five tense days, with a journalist, a floppy-haired mayor, a police negotiator, and the sinister face of the pharmaceutical industry, they – and we – begin to understand why …This is a book about what how we label children. It’s about how kids get lost and failed by the system. It’s about how politicians manipulate them.

I recieved an Ebook ARC edition from Bloosmbury in exchange for an honest review.

When I read the synopsis of this novel I was extremely interested in this story. Having a book based around ADHD patients and the whole debacle about medication was an area I’d never delved into. Sadly, this book was a massive disappointment and was not what I was expecting.

Firstly let me say that I DID NOT FINISH THIS BOOK. In my reading life I’ve completed every book besides two, so you could say I’m fairly dedicated. However I could not push myself to live through the painful experience that is this book.
I was pumped to start this book and dived right into this world, which was a huge mistake, because after 25% of the book was read I regretted my decision. This novel probably has one of the longest introductions I’ve ever witnessed, and one of the most boring! It was dragging, slow and frankly made me want to rip my eyes out just so it would stop. But me being me, I stupidly gave the story another chance, which was an even bigger mistake. It was still painstakingly slow, boring and horrific.

The characters were practically all the same person, expect for the girl. She was just a feminine copy of the guys. Except she didn’t seem to understand a lot because she ended her Sentences? Like? This? ALL? The? Time?? Don’t even get me started on the boys, Sutcliffe basically created 4 copies of the most annoying teenage boy ever. It’s like he reached into a high school and grabbed the douchiest, stupidest person of the male species he could find and duplicated him. Practically my worst nightmare!

When you start a novel you expect at least a little action or movement, but not in this. For 30% of this, the gang were stuck in a warehouse complaining about the typical teenage problems. Why the hell do we as an audience care if all of the boys get aroused over there girl friend? I’m pretty sure we don’t! We also don’t care if one boy gets aroused over the thought of Nandos, so why would you include it? I’ve got to admit some of it was slightly humorous, but most of it was completely irrelevant and increased the hatred growing inside.

The writing was atrocious, now I’m not saying that I’m the Shakespeare of this generation but I’m sure a 10 year old could do better. I’ve heard some pretty mixed reviews about the writing style in this book, and thought I would form my own conclusion. Now I’m just wishing I trusted the other people warning me.
I understand that this book is written in the point of view of some under educated teenagers that have ADHD, but honestly it was terrible. I’m surprised this book was even published under English because to me it sounded like a bunch of random words strung together to somewhat appear as a sentence. “I’d should had known to trust da others”. I have learnt my lesson!

I recommend this book if you are planing to torture your enemy but besides that, don’t ever touch this novel! If you are the type of person that loves a well crafted literary piece that makes you feel something, leave! The only emotions you will feel is complete and utter disgust and hatred towards the author.


6 Replies to “REVIEW: Concentr8”

  1. I DNF this book at 15% mark, all the POVs sounded the same and it was SO FREAKING BORING omg. What a waste of the stunning cover.


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