REVIEW: Blind Love

Author: Rebecca May Spicer

Genre: Young Adult,

Rating: ★★★

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Publisher: Independently published by author

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Blind Love

SYNOPSIS: Filth on the street, which should be left alone to rot and decompose. That was what people saw when they looked at Ymir but his sister didn’t see this.

Because she could not see at all.

She could not see the world around her. Sometimes, he wondered if that was a curse or a blessing.”

Cemile and Ymir have always been on the same road. They sit and they beg and they survive. Until one misunderstanding changes it all.

Until their roads travel in completely different directions…

The Author, Rebecca May Spicer, contacted me and offered I was offered eBook copy for an honest review.

First thing I want to say is, I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this novel. To think that the first draft for this book was written when Rebecca was twelve is phenomenal; when I was twelve I could barely string together a sentence that sounded intelligent. The writing style and problems in this book are so mature and I applaud her for continuing with her dream and actually publishing it!

The imagery and writing techniques were beautifully placed and used throughout. Rebecca has a beautiful vocabulary and used the perfect words to describe objects and places. The way she strung her sentences together was fantastic, it is amazing to think that she is my age and writes like that.

The romance is written so maturely that it wasn’t overwhelming. Even though there is a dominant love triangle, and it’s quite obvious, I feel as though it was done perfectly. Most authors feel the need to make the romance the main theme and repeat the fact that they are in love as often as possible, but Rebecca did not. She mentioned it when needed to show the audience what they felt, but she didn’t let it overpower the story. I also love how she didn’t make it a proper love triangle, yes two girls were in love with the same guy, but he only had feelings towards one. This added tension and excitement the story needed.

The plot was fantastic. It was full of so many twist and turns that it was virtually impossible to predict the ending (and trust me, I’m still not over it!). It deals with some mature themes and messages. Ymir and Cemile have to deal with Poverty, Abandonment and Health Problems. They are portrayed as strong characters and as though they have been through a lot. I find it refreshing not having whiney, annoying characters; these fight through the tough times because that’s all they know. I adore the underlying themes of love, sacrifice and family. Ymir gave up life as he knew it to help Cemile; the love for his sister encouraged him to give up his freedom to benefit her life. I find it really inspiring how much they love each other.

The main problem I had with this novel is the narrative point of view. Throughout the novel it was hard to tell which character was narrating; each paragraph contained two or more voices and at times I found it hard to follow. Obviously, this is only a major issue but it confused me enough to rate it lower than I would have.

Another problem I had, was the fact that it was a split perspective novel, yet 70% of the novel is based on one specific character. I would have enjoyed learning more about Cemile and her journey, but I feel as though we only briefly skimmed over it. It was quite disappointing due to the fact she is considered a main character, yet we hardly know anything about her.

Words have a way of worming under people’s skin, burning their ears, lingering on their tongues. how you used them decided if the aftertaste was bitter’. Overall, I personally quite enjoyed this novel. It had its pros, but also had its cons. The writing style is very mature, considering a sixteen year old is the author. Im so proud of her for continuing her dreams, and i hope she continues her writing journey. Future books look promising, and will be equally as enjoyable.


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