REVIEW: Ugly People Beautiful Hearts

Author: Marlen Komar

Genre: Poetry


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Publisher: Self Published by Marlen Komar

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The STUNNING cover!
The STUNNING cover!

SYNOPSIS: Ugly People Beautiful Hearts is a poetry book with over 70 poems that explores loneliness, quiet sadness, bursts of happiness, and contentment over the fact that everything you have, will eventually go okay. But that’s sort of beautiful in its own right.

It has verses moving between the feelings of loving someone, feeling loss, trusting the night sky, losing your light, resolving that hurt is beautiful, and finding compassion in a stranger’s smile.

I was contacted by Marlen Komar, the author herself, to review this eBook. She kindly offered to send me a copy in exchange for an honest review/opinion.

Marlen Komar has supplied me with my first poetry experience. Over 70 simple poems with emotion and truth, all verses were filled with joy, love, hatred or angst.

Ugly People Beautiful Hearts contains poetry from a wide variety of genres; people of all ages are guaranteed to connect with at least one of the beautifully written pieces. Her verses are written in such a way that it allows the audience to easily relate, which is hard to do within 100 words. Each poem has a different theme, idea and will mean something different to each person.

I personally enjoyed and cherished a long list of titles from this novel; they all had their own positives and negatives, which make them feel so real and relatable. My favourites list includes the following:


                And I hate the sky at exactly 6:15 am because it’s the same colour as the eyes that belong to you.

                And while I can look into them, they, they can’t look into mine.

A few others from the spectacular, and very long favourites list, are:

  • We Think of Her
  • A List of Prayers
  • Thoughts Folded Into Morning Lights
  • Fix Your Holes

Sometimes it’s quite difficult to relate with a book when there is no specific characters, what I found lovable about this novel is the fact that there isn’t any. Even though there is not one character, you can still easily relate due to the fact the themes are so relatable to everyone in the audience.

From the first page you will be hooked, I’m so grateful that Marlen has opened a whole new genre to me that I would usually avoid. This book is definitely a ‘comfort’ book; I will revisit it often and be overwhelmed with the strong emotions that are throughout.  I strongly recommend this to everyone, even if you are like me and hate poetry; I guarantee you will relate to at least one poem.


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