REVIEW: Polarity in Motion

Author: Brenda Vicars

Genre: Young Adult, Romance, Realistic Fiction


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Publisher: Red Adept Publishing

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Fifteen-year-old Polarity Weeks just wants to live a normal life, but with a mother diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, that’s rarely easy. Her life gets exponentially more disastrous when her sixth-period history classmates start ogling a nude picture of her on the Internet. Polarity would never have struck such a shameless pose, but the photo is definitely of her, and she’s at a complete loss to explain its existence.

Child Protective Services yanks her from her home, suspecting her parents. The kids at school mock her, assuming she took it herself. And Ethan, the boy she was really starting to like, backpedals and joins the taunting chorus. Surrounded by disbelief and derision on all sides, Polarity desperately seeks the truth among her friends. Only then does she learn that everyone has dark secrets, and no one’s life is anywhere near normal

I was contacted by Brenda Vicars, the author herself, to review this eBook she kindly offered to send to me. It was in exchange for an honest review/opinion.


This book deals with some serious issues so its recommended for mature audiences. 

Now the first thing I said when I finished, was nothing. I was shocked by how great of a novel this was, i literally couldn’t describe my thoughts in words. Not often are subjects like child pornography, bullying and mental disorders written about in YA fiction. Brenda wrote it so beautifully with such a unique twist on it. 

Polarity’s life is pretty abnormal during the year the novel is set. Firstly, a nude photo of her is posted on the internet and she is sent to a foster home, due to the fact that her parents have been accused of the crime. Her time there is not long, but during this time she meets a girl named Zada that is 16 and pregnant. Once she leaves the foster home she moves with her grandma far, far away from home. About a month later she is allowed access back home, which is when we first meet her mentally unstable mother. Over the next few moths they are fighting against all odds to prove that polarity is innocent, even though no one believes her, not even her parents.

Start to finish, Polarity goes through extreme character development. At the beginning she is a shy, weak little girl, but due to the horrendous events that happen during she grows into a strong, mature, young lady. It’s quite a rare occurrence that a young girl goes through as much as she does and doesn’t just quit and take her punishment; she continues to fight for herself and her friend Ethan when he is wrongly accused of smuggling drugs into school.

Even her home life is stressed. Her mother suffers from borderline personality disorder due to a tragic accident that occurred in her childhood, which puts massive stress onto Polarity and her father. When times get though, once again she is helping her mother anyway she can and is not running away from the struggles.

Her mother adds another aspect to a Young Adult novel I have never experienced before. Due to her mental instability, she is quite unpredictable; at times she is the typical loving mother, yet other times she is on the verge of physically abusing not only herself, but Polarity and her husband.

Zada, which is on featured in a small section of the novel, still makes a huge impact on Polarity and the story. When she is introduced, we learn that she is not only sixteen and pregnant but she is also African American. This is a huge shock to Polarity due to the fact that she hasn’t really encountered many during her lifetime. Sadly halfway through the book, she is officially on the missing persons list. This is not often written about due to the sadness often associated with the topic, Brenda being the fearless author she is, she chose to write about it too. Because of the beautiful style of it, the topic wasn’t too heavy while reading which I thoroughly.

Of course it couldn’t be a Young Adult novel without a romance; luckily this one is one of few that are written amazingly. This relationship is briefly touched then it’s not a reoccurring subject, which I found really unique. Usually once the protagonist is in a romantic relationship, the author uses every opportunity to bring it up, and Brenda does not do this which is why I loved this story so much!

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and had no major problems with it. I recommend this to anyone that is over 16 or is mature enough to deal with the adult themes that are throughout.



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