Book fans VS Movie fans

Which of the fans are more dedicated. The ones whom have read the books or the fans who have only seen the movie. The answer is it doesn’t matter!

Being in a fandom is one of the greatest things, everyone understands you and you can make some really good friends who have the same intrests. The idea of a fandom is that anyone can join and feel welcome but that doesn’t always happen.
Some people seem to think that because they have the read book/s they are superior to those who are new and may have only seen the movie. It’s those people that bully the ‘fake fans’ because they are not dedicated enough to deserve to be in the fandom.

 In my opinion all fans are the same, it doesn’t matter if you’ve been reading the book series for the last 8 years of if you’ve just seen the movies and you loved them, we are all still fans. I think it’s great that there is always new members in fandom, that they have tried something new, but they do not deserve to get abused for the fact that they are new.
The fans that have been in the fandom longer need to calm down. You should love the fact that you may be able to teach something new to the newer fans and even make some friendships with these people.

In my opinion all labels need to be dropped so we, as a fandom, can become closer and less negative towards each other


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