Cover change, FINALLY

It’s just been released that every book in the Shadowhunter Chronicles, this being The Mortal Instruments and The Infernal Devices will be receiving new covers.

My publisher has wanted to redesign the covers for a long time, but needed to finish out TMI first. They have for a long time wanted to make the Shadowhunters books overall look more unified (the paperback TID will also be repackaged, and every book will have the “Shadowhunters” type down the side) and also make them look more modern — the first book was designed ten years ago, and book styles change.
-Cassandra Clare

It’s confirmed that these covers are only in paperback form and will not replace the older covers, they will live alongside them. Hardbacks will not be changed.
Not only have the covers changed, they also include exclusive content. So far we only know that they will include maps of Shadowhunter London and New York. It’s not clear what else will be included.

Only one cover has been released and it’s City of Bones the first book from The Mortal Instruments series


These covers are designed by Cliff Nielson, who created the originals. Each cover will feature a different character, the first three wil feature Jace, Clary and then Simon. But this time we will also get Alec and Isabelle.

The model is also the same Jace from City of Lost Souls, it’s not sure if all the models will be featured on the updated covers.

There is no information whether these covers will be available in any other country than the US/Canada. The UK are working on their own alternate covers.

The covers for the future series are unsure, Cassandra stated that they may be a mixture on new and old. I hope they release both, so then they will match the old editions

This cover change has been a very controversial decision, everyone seems to have a different opinion about it. I personally don’t mind it, I don’t love it but I also don’t hate it. I HATE the font, it think it makes the cover look tacky and fan made.
On the other hand, I love the model and the pose he is in, the fact that he’s reaching for the tarot cards. The detail in it is phenomenal, he’s even wearing his Wayland/Morgenstern ring.


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