REVIEW: Clockwork Prince

Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Series: The Infernal Devices (book #2)
Rating: ★★★★

Willam Herondales character development was absolutely amazing, this novel starts of with some big news from Will which explains the way he acts. When I heard that he was cursed all my thoughts and feelings towards Will changed. I thought that he was a stuck-up, sarcastic boy that didn’t deserve the love from Tessa, but now I see how damaged and vulnerable he really is under his ‘Bad boy’ persona. He’s just acting that way because he’s trying to protect the people he loves the most.
It was utterly heartbreaking, yet so heartwarming when he found out that he was free from the curse because he could now be with the ones he loved. He could be him true self and didn’t have to hide anymore, yet the one her loved the most couldn’t be with him.

James Carstairs is honestly just so loveable, I don’t know how no one can hate him. The way he talks about his love for Tessa is so gut wrenching, knowing that his illness could take him from her at any moment.
Even though he is a main character, I feel as though he didn’t develop a whole lot through the course of this novel. Besides the romance between the pair, he didn’t really do that much which was kind of disappointing.

The way Cassandra Clare writes the romance is so well done. It doesn’t feel as though there is a love triangle between Will, Jem and Tessa. It’s just that she loves the both, but differently and same with both of the boys. I feel as though it written so you know the love they all have for each other. The main idea is just that they each share deep love for each other, not one particular person. I don’t think I have ever read a book that has a unique relationship like this.

Tessa Gray went through a lot during the two week period this novel is set in. She found the love of the parabatai boys was deep and grew her friendship with all of those who live in the Institute. She also lost someone near to her heart through a tragic death and that changed her. The way she thinks of him has changed and I feel as though that is important, the way she forgave him even though she hates what he done really shows what type of person she is. I truely love her personality and her innocent forgiving side shone through.

For the heads of the institute, Charlotte and Henry Branwell, I’m glad they finally had the talk about there relationship. In Clockwork Angel they both pretended like their relationship didn’t bother them but you could clearly see through their happy faces, you could see that their hearts truely were saddened by the fact that they each loved something more than each other. Charlotte with the Institute and Henry with him outrageous inventions. In this book they finally stood up to each other and shared their true feelings, as hard as that may of been. I’m so happy that they worked it out and that news at the end was just the cherry on top of the cake!

This series is so addictive! It’s so beautifully written and fast paced that I just can’t put the book down! I’m going to devour the last book then cry out my feelings.


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