REVIEW: Clockwork Angel

Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy
Series: The Infernal Device (book #1)
Rating: ★★★★★

The Infernal Devices series is a spin-off from Cassandra Clare’s unbelievably popular, young adult series The Mortal Instruments . It is a prequel series that takes place during the Victorian-era in London, England. It is a fantasy Steampunk that everyone would enjoy!


The year is 1878 and Theresa ‘Tessa Gray’ a young American women leaves her home in New York to meet her brother Nathaniel in Southhampton, whom left for a working life in London. When she arrives she is met by Mrs. Black and Mrs. Dark, more commonly referred to as ‘The Dark Sisters’ how give Tessa the impression that they will take her to Nate in London. Instead they take her to their home and hold her captive for a number of weeks.
When Tessa arrives the Dark sisters tell her that they are also holding Nate, and if she doesn’t cooperate they will kill him. It is then that Tessa learns of her abilities, that she is actually a shape shifter. They force her to ‘change’ for hours everyday to develop her abilities, all she needs is to be holding an item of the owners the she can transform into a mirror image of the person. She can even tap into their mind and read all of their thoughts and memories. The Dark Sister are doing this so she is ready to be married off to the very powerful Magister.

Meanwhile, a group of Shadowhunters are following a trail of murders that lead them to the Dark Sisters home just before Tessa is married off. The young Shadowhunters rescue her from the fate she has grown to accept and bring her to the London Institute, the home of Nephilm. It is where she learns of a complete new world she never knew existed where the supernatural mix with the human, including the Nephilm, the half Angel half Human whom often act as Shadowhunters and protect the humans (Mundanes) from Downworlders. Downworlders are half demon creatures such as Werewolves, Vanpires and Warlocks. The Shadowhunters now tell Tessa that she is a Downworlder but are unclear on what exact kind. It is thought that she is Warlock due to her traits but she is clear of the Mark.

Tessa becomes a trusted member of the Institute and is apart of the investigation towards the Magister. When looking through the dark Sisters now vacant property the find out that the Magister is the head of The Pandemonium Club, and are working to create a clockwork army. It soul purpose is to destroy all Nephilm. It is along the way of the Investigation that they find out that the magister is actually the one that is holding Nate Captive and they create a plan to rescue Nate and capture the Magister. This doesn’t go to plan, the magister is not caught but they did succeed in getting Nate.

It is not until later that they learn that they have a Spy under the Institutes roof and is helping the Magister create a plan to take destroy the Instituate and take what is rightfully his, Tessa.

Tessa Gray is a very interesting character. She could not of been developed better! The way she starts off is as a weak young girl, but due to the Dark Sisters using strenuous force, she has grown into a strong, independent woman. I love how much she grew and to see how everything that happened change not jut the way she acts, but the way she thinks.

The first Shadowhunter we meet is William Herondale. He is a sarcastic, handsome teenage boy that takes a liking to Tessa from the very beginning. Did I mention he’s VERY handsome yet? Because he is! I have very mixed feelings towards his character, I feel as though he is a rude, stuck-up boy that just acts that way for attention. Yet I also like him when he is around Tessa. He changes to a sweet, charismatic gentleman. He is a ver mysterious young man and I don’t know which side is his true side, but he is definitely hiding something under that pretty face of his.

James ‘Jem’ Carstairs is just so precious. He is such a sweet young man and his character development was once again outstanding (Well done Cassie). From the moment you meet him you can’t help but fall in love wit his personality and his way of words. From the beginning you know him and his parabatai are hiding something very important and when I found out I was utterly heartbroken! After that I felt a great sense of pride for him, even though he knows what his illness means, he still lives his life as though nothing is wrong at all. His character is very inspiring by the fact that he doesn’t let his ‘disability’ stop him.

The others that live at the London Institute, them being Jessamine, Sophie and Charlotte & Henry Brannwell are lacking something. They were all develop wonderfully yet I feel as though they are all missing something that will make them unique and memorable. All played an important role and all are very different to each other yet leave me with the same thoughts and feelings. I hope they develop more in the future that will make them standout.

I can tell already that relationships will be a major theme in this series. Tessa has great connections with each and every character that will grow and continue to develop. The relationships Jem and Will created with Tessa are going to explode into romance any moment now. I just hope that Cassandra doesn’t make this wonderful story into one just about a stupid love triangle.

Cassandra Clare deserves more congratulations that receives. She hasn’t spent so much time researching to make this series as best as she could. Within 500 page she has created yet another fantastic story and world that I will enjoy visiting again. I can not wait to see what path this series will go down, I’m sure she will make it fantastic either way.


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