REVIEW: City of Bones

Author: Cassandra Clare Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy Series: The Mortal Instruments (book #1) Rating: ★★★★★

SUMMARY: Clarissa ‘Clary’ Fray’s world is turned upside down when she witnesses a murder while at Club Pandemonium with her friend Simon Lewis. She confronts the group of three teenagers as to why they did that, they are not usually spotted which is when they can tell Clary is not like the usual Mundane. She has the sight. Shooken up, she leaves and makes her way home where she finds her overly protective mother, Jocelyn, waiting for her. The next time she goes to the Coffee Store with her friend Simon she spots one of the Murderers and asks why she can see him yet no one else can. The boy, Jace, tells Clary that she is not as Human as she has grown up thinking, that she actually has Nephilm blood. While they are conversing she recieves a call from her mother to not come home. Clary, worried because of her mothers screams, runs home with Jace following. When she arrives at her apartment everything is a mess and her worst thoughts were true, her mother was kidnapped. Clary is taken to the New York Institure , home of the Nephilm, when she is severely injured by a demon. It is then learns she of the Shadowhunter world and the creature that inhabit and mingle with the Mundanes. She also find out that her mother was once married to a very evil yet influential man, Valentine. The group of Shadowhunters are taken on a Journey to try to find any information that could lead them to where Jocelyn may have been taken. Meanwhile, it is rumored that Valentine has returned from his death and is looking for the 3 ‘Mortal Instruments’. The first one he is seeking is the Mortal Cup, the cup that could be used to create a brand new army of Shadowhunters. After a very extensive search Clary finds that Jocelyn hid the Mortal cup in a place that only she could find it. She retrieves the cup and brings it to the Institute. It is then the Spy informs Valentine of the cups whereabouts and he comes seeking the cup. Clary, Jace and Jocelyn’s best friend Luke, go to Valentines place of hiding to take back what is not his. This is when the three of them find out some vital information that Jocelyn has hiding that could change everything.

MY THOUGHTS: Clary, the teenage girl from New York, is the protagonist of this novel and I feel as though she got quite annoying. She was very dependent on other characters for them to make the situation better. I do understand that she is new to the Shadowhunter world but she could of done something more helpful instead of actually making things more difficult.

Her relationship with Simon Lewis, a boy of same age yet is a very nerdy, awkward guy, is a major bonus. I really related to Simon and I feel as though he was needed for the plot of the novel, even though he didn’t really do or understand much, he was crucial for Clary. Without his presence I feel as though she would of been unbearable and the story would of been lacking that extra something.

I can see Clary and Jace’s blooming relationship will play a major role in this series. Even though they both receive that little bit of information at the end tha should change their realtioship, I don’t see their feelings for each other changing a whole lot. I predict that for the next few books they will have to fight their feelings for what is right. Yet I don’t see them changing anytime soon. What they feel for each other is to strong to turn off in an instant. It will take time for them.

I can’t wait for all of the characters to develop in the future, but I’m more excited about Alec and Isabelle Lightwood. I feel as though we have only just touched the surface of who they really are and I feel as though one, if not both, will become a really important character to the plot of the story. I’m interested into what path they will both take. Probably my Favourite character in book was Luke. We found out that he also had a past in the Shadowhunter world with Jocelyn. He had left that behind because of her yet he also has a secret that only few people know, that he is a werewolf. When I first heard this I was utterly shocked and could not believe that it was true. I’m really interested into who he will become due to his supernatural abilities, I feel as though he isn’t tell us his full story yet. His past seems very mysterious and hopefully we find out more because I really need to know what happened!

I am more curious to see whether minor characters like Magnus bane or Raphael will be apart of the future books. I hope that their characters become more developed becuase I found them both so interesting and Magnus is HILARIOUS! I could she him becoming a favourite of mine.

Now for Valentine. Even though he is the villain of the story, I don’t actually really have a feeling towards him. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t like him but I don’t particularly hate him either. I find his character under developed and I want to dive deeper into his mind because I feel as though we only have one or two people perspectives on him and what happened during the circle’s fights. His history and believes are quite unique and interesting and I really wish we got to hear more.

This book was a fantastic start to the series and I hope the sequels are as enjoyable as this one! I truely recommend this to everyone no matter the age, as it has so much detail that will appeal the the you d and the older. It’s a brilliant book to start of your Fantasy journey or even if you’ve read hundreds of books. I almost guarantee you will be glad you picked this series up!


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